Autism Assessments

What we do

At AYC Psychology and Assessment Services we deliver high quality, private and NICE compliant autism assessments.  We firmly believe in the principles of neurodiversity, recognising that autism is a natural variation of human neurology rather than a disorder or deficit.

We provide a supportive and inclusive environment where individuals feel valued, understood, and empowered throughout the assessment process. We strive to create a space that acknowledges the diverse perspectives, abilities, and challenges associated with autism.

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Our assessments involve a multidisciplinary team of professionals who bring a diverse range of expertise and perspectives. By working together, we gain a comprehensive understanding of the individual’s strengths, challenges, and needs.

We ensure that our assessments are scheduled promptly with minimal wait time ensuring that the outcome of the assessment is delivered clearly and accessibly and in a timely manner.

Principles that guide our assessments

We are dedicated to delivering assessments that are grounded in evidence-based practice. Our multi-disciplinary team ensures that they are up to date with the latest research and developments in the field of autism assessment. This ensures that we provide an accurate, reliable, and comprehensive service.

We follow the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) guidelines to ensure that our assessments align with the latest recommended standards.

Our person-centred approach ensures that the individual’s voice is heard and that their individuality and autonomy are respected throughout the assessment journey.

We understand that every individual is different, and we tailor our assessments to meet the specific needs of each client. Our team is experienced in adapting assessment methods and tools to ensure they are accessible and appropriate for individuals with diverse backgrounds, communication styles, and sensory sensitivities.

By upholding these principles, we strive to ensure that our  private autism assessments are conducted with the utmost integrity, professionalism, and care. Our service is dedicated to empowering individuals and their families with accurate information, meaningful insights, and appropriate recommendations that support their unique journey towards self-understanding and fulfilment.

How we achieve this?

We adapt our assessment methods to accommodate each individual’s specific needs. We use a variety of assessment tools, including interviews, standardised assessments, observations, and questionnaires.

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We gather information from multiple sources to gain a comprehensive understanding of an individual’s strengths and challenges. This may include input from the individual, family members, caregivers, teachers, and other relevant professionals.

Our multidisciplinary team collaborates closely to review all available information and to agree if each individual meets the diagnostic criteria for autism spectrum disorder as outlined in the DSM-V and ICD-11.

The benefits of our assessments

Understanding and self-awareness: an autism diagnosis provides individuals with a better understanding of their unique characteristics, strengths and challenges

Access to support and resources: a diagnosis can open doors to various support services, therapies and resources specifically tailored to meet the needs of individuals with autism.

Academic and vocational support: an autism diagnosis often enables individuals to access reasonable adjustments in the form of educational accommodations and specialised programs that can address their learning style and challenges. It can also help in obtaining workplace accommodations and support.

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Family and peer understanding: an autism diagnosis helps families gain a deeper understanding of an individual’s experiences and challenges. It fosters empathy, promotes acceptance and encourages the development of supportive and inclusive environments.

Personal growth and empowerment: accepting an autism diagnosis can empower individuals to embrace their strengths and pursue personal growth. It can lead to increased self advocacy, self esteem and the ability to set goals whilst embracing their unique identity.

Our assessment price is £1,750

This is inclusive of all assessment and report-writing activity.

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