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AYC psychology and assessment services are a team of highly skilled chartered child and educational psychologists, occupational therapists, chartered clinical psychologists, speech therapists and specialist teachers.
We deliver a range of private educational and clinical psychological assessments and interventions as well as private autism assessment services.
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    Our Principles

    All children have a right to equality, inclusion and achievement.

    Children and young people have a right to have their views heard and taken into account when planning for their future.

    Parents have a crucial role to play in their child’s development and as such, all individual work with children and young people should be carried out in partnership with parents.

    We empower people to develop the necessary resources to make desirable changes in their own lives.


    All psychologists working for AYC Psychology and Assessment Services use a range of assessment techniques which highlight both an individual’s strengths and areas of development.


    AYC psychological consultations support those adults who work directly with a child/young person to better understand their needs; thus, supporting them to develop a realistic and appropriate intervention plan.


    AYC psychology and assessment services offer a range of bespoke and evidence-based strategies aimed at improving a child or a young person’s cognition and learning, language and interaction and/or social, emotional and mental health.

    Training & Development

    AYC psychology and assessment services offer a range of training and development opportunities aimed at supporting parents and professionals in understanding and addressing the diverse range of children and young people’s needs.

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